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Sissener Canopus

Restricted to Professional Investors Only

Investment Opportunity

SFDR 8, Nordic Focus, Long/Short

  • Sissener is an Oslo-based asset manager with 600MM assets under management. Focus on two strategies only. Competitive advantage by using its proximity to the Nordic market.
  • Primarily invests in large liquid companies with a solid balance sheet, predictable cash flow and good corporate governance.
  • The fund invests mainly in listed shares, but also has the opportunity to take positions in fixed income securities, convertible bonds and other transferable securities.

Investment Highlights

  • The fund has delivered attractive absolute return by generating alpha independent of underlying market conditions.
  • Risk management focus both on single stock risk and portfolio downside protection.
  • Local “Knowledge advantage” in Nordic companies and industries – the Nordic equity market has historically outperformed global markets.
  • Alignment of interest between the investors and the portfolio managers.
  • A UCITS regulated fund with full transparency and daily liquidity.

Key People

Jan Petter Sissener

Portfolio Manager

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Philippe Sissener

Portfolio Manager

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