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Troy Multi-Asset Trojan Fund

Investment Opportunity

Multi-Asset, Capital Growth Focused, Article 8

  • Troy was founded in 2000, a specialist UK- based investment management firm focused on Multi-Asset and Global Equities.
  • The multi-asset strategy launched in 2001 and since 2012 in UCITS format. The fund seeks capital growth ahead of inflation over the longer term.
  • A high conviction portfolio combined with low staff turnover, driving better decision-making and performance.

Investment Highlights

  • The Fund has the flexibility to invest in a broad range of asset classes. It primarily invests in developed market equities and bonds, gold-related investments, as well as cash and short-dated Treasury bills.
  • Emphasis on downside risk management and high-quality securities aim to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns over the long-term.
  • Valuations remain high whilst fundamentals are weak, and the outlook highly uncertain. The Strategy’s equity exposure is to well-capitalised, robust businesses.
  • The Strategy retains dry powder to invest further in equities on weakness.

Fund Documents

Fact SheetProspectus


Multi-Asset Insights
February 2024

Fixed Income Paper
April 2024

Investment Report
April 2024

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