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Chikara Japan Income and Growth

Investment Opportunity

Specialist, Yield Seeking, Index Agnostic

  • Founded in 2005, a specialist UK- based investment management firm focused on Global Emerging Markets, India and Japan.
  • An experienced investment team with independently-owned partnership.
  • A UCITS structure focused on delivering income and capital growth by investing in companies that are undervalued with strong balance sheets in Japan.​

Investment Highlights

  • An actively concentrated managed portfolio of 30-40 growth stocks listed in Japan aiming to deliver long term capital appreciation.
  • Rigorous stock selection focused on key numerical criteria, detailed analysis of competitive advantage and firsthand knowledge of management’s shareholder return policy
  • High quality equity yield diversification while index agnostic with low turnover.
  • The investment process uses fundamental, proprietary research to identify potential companies, supported, where possible, by direct company meetings.

Key People

Richard Aston

Portfolio Manager

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Megumi Takayama

Portfolio Manager & Analyst

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