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Armen GP Stakes Strategy

Investment Opportunity

Yield Seeking, Diversification, First Movers Advantage

  • Unparalleled experience of founders as investors and business builders with high level of team commitment. 
  • A strategy which takes minority stakes (between 10% and 30%) in the capital of alternative management companies (GP) specialized in private assets. Benefits from the growth in private investments AUM due to institutional appetite.
  • 5-8% annual gross cash yield and 2.5 x targeted net MOIC through cash flow streams and regular cash distributions.

Strategy Highlights

  • First close of €150m (hard cap at €400m). 
  • Investment in 10 to 12 GP Managers with €30-60MM expected transaction sizes. Max 12.5% of fund per investment.
  • Diversification: GPs level geographic, sector, vintages etc.
  • Brings real added value to portfolio companies on a strategic and operational level. 
  • Established model in the US; first mover advantage and ideal timing for ARMEN to act as the trusted partner for GPs in Europe.
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