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Alumia and Chikara Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand Market Reach into Continental Europe

Date:  15 May 2024

Luxembourg / United Kingdom


  • Alumia, a leading Luxembourg-based MiFID regulated investment advisory firm providing wealth management and fund services, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Chikara Investments LLP (Chikara), a London-based investment management firm to expand their market presence in continental Europe. The partnership will leverage Alumia’s extensive distribution network and substantial client base while enabling Chikara to offer its sophisticated investment strategies, in Japan, India and Emerging Markets equities, to new European audiences.

    Key focus areas include:

    • Market Expansion and Penetration: Alumia will provide strategic guidance and network access across continental Europe, helping Chikara identify and navigate high-potential markets.
    • Specialized Investment Strategies: Chikara will provide unique access to highly-specialized investment strategies, offering diversified portfolio options focused on Japan and India.
    • Client-Centric Financial Solutions: Together, both companies will provide a comprehensive suite of services that meet diverse regional needs through a highly customer-oriented approach.

    Alumia advises a range of sophisticated clients including asset managers, corporates and family offices across continental Europe, predominantly in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This partnership is expected to be marked by resounding success, with the newly introduced specialty equity strategies garnering significant interest from clients. Alumia will be able to effectively distribute these winning strategies in the continent, providing clients with access to these sought-after investment opportunities.

    The collaboration is designed to harness the strengths of both companies – Alumia’s European network and deep market insights and Chikara’s innovative, high-performing investment strategies. Alumia’s CEO David Saab who has a 20-year career in banking and asset management at J.P. Morgan, Rothschild, and more, highlights that “For asset managers, building an experienced and global sales force, while meeting regulatory requirements and also using digital channels, has steadily become more challenging and costly,”.


    CEO of Chikara, James Tollemache added: “Partnering with Alumia, who we have known for many years, ensures our investment strategies are successfully communicated to a wide audience in continental Europe in a sophisticated way.  Sales and marketing strategies have evolved a great deal and we are looking forward to harnessing their approach.

    About Alumia

    Alumia is a partner-led investment firm that specializes in providing investment advice through an innovative approach. The company’s top objective is to deliver best-in-class advice and diversified solutions to its clients, by taking an independent, unbiased view and thinking out of the box. With decades of investment experience across the team, Alumia provides deep expertise and ongoing investment due diligence across private and public markets globally. One of the key strengths is the ability to identify gaps in the market and to source unique solutions capable of generating long-lasting value creation and mitigating investment risks for the clients. In addition to serving as investment advisors, Alumia supports clients in growing their businesses through Alumia’s network, capital introductions and co-investing alongside them. Alumia serves a broad range of sophisticated clients, including family offices, pension funds and endowments. Within its ecosystem, Alumia partners with asset managers and large institutional investors, with a focus on being the key link in helping our clients achieve their long-term investment objectives.

    About Chikara

    Chikara offers expertise in Japanese, Indian and Global Emerging Market equities. Privately owned, the investment teams manage capacity constrained, index agnostic, long only strategies on behalf of pension funds, family offices and other institutions.  Founded in 2005, it provides a home to experienced investment teams, within a partnership structure and culture, along with a first-class operational infrastructure to support investor needs.

    The main drivers for Chikara are to achieve excellence in three key areas: investment performance, operations and client service.  Chikara focuses on delivering strong performance within a risk-controlled framework.