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Altana Specialty Finance Strategy

Restricted to Professional Investors Only

Investment Opportunity

Double-Digit Returns, Low Risk Profile, Alternative Credit

  • Trading digital currencies, like Bitcoin, vs fiat currencies is a niche, but rapidly growing market.
  • As there are few providers of the liquidity required to enable leveraged trading, traders are willing to pay double digit, short term interest rates to take advantage of Bitcoin’s high volatility.
  • There is strong demand for margin trade finance in Digital Currencies with up to $1.5bn borrowed on exchanges at any point in time.
  • Given the high rate of fiat money printing, institutions are increasingly using digital currency to achieve uncorrelated returns and as a hedge against inflation, similar to gold.
  • Barriers to entry are high so there are few institutional providers of margin financing.

Strategy Highlights

  • High interest rates 8-40% p.a.

  • High liquidity underlying collateral
  • Short-term lending periods [2 and 120 days]

  • Interest paid and compounded daily

  • Loans systematically placed and managed 24/7

  • ASF algorithm places loan offers above minimum targets every 60 seconds

  • Diversified loan book (avg. loan size < $20k, > 250K loans made in 2019)

Key Information

ISIN Number
Class A – Optimised Shares: KYG0360S1057

Monthly – Redemption Notice should be sent to the Administrator no later than 4 pm, Cayman Islands time not less than 20 Business Days prior the relevant Redemption Day (first business day of the month.

Minimum Investment
$ 100,000

7 January 2017

Digital Assets Private Lending No Comments

No public offering of interests in the Fund is being made to investors; interests in the Fund are being offered only to a limited number of sophisticated and professional investors.

For more information please contact us.